Everything You Need to Know About Going Wine Tasting at Hazendal Wine Estate

As no visit to Hazendal would be complete without a wine tasting, we thought we’d compile a handy list of everything you need to know about wine tasting at the estate specifically to ensure your visit is perfect from start to finish. So get ready to ...

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5 Wedding Decor Themes The Event Planners at Hazendal LOVE

If there is one thing we adore at Hazendal, it’s a beautiful wedding. After all, what’s lovelier than a celebration of love against a gorgeous backdrop? We’ve had the privilege of hosting countless nuptial feasts all over our lovely estate over the y...

If there is one thing we adore at Hazendal, it’s a beautiful wedding. After all, what’s lovelier than a celebration of love against a gorgeous backdrop? We’ve had the privilege of hosting countless nuptial feasts all over our lovely estate over the years. This has given us some unique insights into on-trend wedding decor themes that always seem to hit the mark.

Here are 5 wedding decor themes that the team at Hazendal love. These all also happen to work a charm at our various venues, as well as other Winelands wedding destinations.

1. Minimal-mod

Minimal-mod is a decor style that appeals to couples who love clean, simple, gorgeous things. It’s all about clean lines and nude tones when it comes to florals and decor choices. Candles and light play a big role in these set-ups. It also often benefits from juxtaposition with industrial elements like black steel-frame plinths, or the frame of The Glasshouse, for example.

“The stationery that goes well with weddings like these is normally very simple, mostly font-driven. It’s also fun to include textured papers. Or even different paper shapes (e.g. arched menus) to create interest,” says Melissa Ketterer-Le Roux, wedding venue manager at Hazendal.

DID YOU KNOW? When you get married at Hazendal, you can move between venues with ease. For instance, you could take your vows in Hazendal’s architecturally designed floating Pavilion. Then you might move on, on foot, to a glamorous and luxurious reception in the fine-dining Avant-Garde or opulent Grand Hall.

2. Lush, bold and opulent

Photographer: Christine Meintjes | Copyright: www.christinemeintjes.com

Less might be more, but in some cases, more is definitely better. If your personalities are larger than life, you and your partner could well enjoy a lush, bold and opulent wedding decor theme. This style is normally underpinned by bold-toned flowers in large quantities, filling the tables, hanging from the ceiling - think installations galore!

“Local florist Heike le Cordeur of Fleur le Cordeur fame is renowned for creating floral masterpieces for weddings like these,” says Melissa. “These are gorgeous, opulent pieces that group tonal hues together in bright tones, or deeper, more intense colours.”

Please note: Any floral and decor installations have to be confirmed with the Hazendal team in writing prior to the wedding and suppliers are required to do a site visit. Suppliers are not allowed to drill any hooks into the walls or ceiling.

3. Romantic fairytale

If you want your wedding guests to feel like they’ve stepped into a modern-day fairytale when they enter your venue, a romantic fairytale theme could work very well.

“Plenty of bridal parties are opting for this type of style these days, and it’s easy to understand why - it’s very romantic and goes well with daytime weddings, as well as nighttime occasions. It’s based on soft tones, often pastel, paired with clean colours that have a light and airy feel to it,” Melissa explains.

4. Timeless and classic

The classics are classic for a reason – it just works. Case in point, the classic white wedding decor theme pairs flowers in neutral hues and fresh, natural greenery with crystal and glass elements.

“A great way to update this look without too much fuss is to add the occasional touch of gold, rose gold or even black elements in the form of accessories like chandeliers, candelabras, candle holders or underplates” recommends Melissa.

Plus, if you really want to lean into the classic theme, you could even enquire about renting one of the amazing vehicles that form a part of Dr Mark Voloshin’s classic car collection.

TOP TIP: Remember that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to your wedding day. The trick lies in finding a theme that you like and then allowing your vendors to help you have fun with it by capturing the essence thereof in a new way that suits your singular style.

5. Warm and cosy

“Deep tones like burgundy, maroon, dark greens, mustard and emerald create a warm, cosy atmosphere that is often chosen by couples who get married in wintertime. This decor style has been trending for many years and could actually also be seen as classic and timeless as it’s still a firm favourite,” says Melissa.

DID YOU KNOW? At Hazendal, our range of venues allows for celebrations throughout the year. Come rain or shine we have a selection of indoor, outdoor (and indoor/outdoor) destinations that will frame your event to absolute perfection.

There you have it - 5 amazing wedding decor themes to inspire your 2022 nuptials at Hazendal!

If you would like to find out more about our wedding venues, planning services, package deals and more, get in touch with our team at weddings@hazendal.co.za or +27(0)21 903 5034. We cannot wait to turn your vision into a stunning, picture-perfect reality!

Are you ready to plan the perfect wedding? We've put together a month-by-month wedding planning timeline to help you plan your special day. Download your free copy now.

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