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The ultimate luxury family getaway in Cape Town & surrounds: The Homestead at Hazendal

Choosing a luxury family getaway destination in and around Cape Town can be tricky when you have various personalities in the mix. After all, some members of your getaway crew may crave some serious wining and dining opportunities, while others want ...

Choosing a luxury family getaway destination in and around Cape Town can be tricky when you have various personalities in the mix. After all, some members of your getaway crew may crave some serious wining and dining opportunities, while others want to revel in some culture, play some golf, or just do some kid stuff. 

It can be a bit of a tall order to find a happy medium in between all that. Happily, The Homestead at Hazendal is now hitting the sweet spot when it comes to keeping the whole family happy. This newly unveiled luxury Winelands accommodation venue outside of Stellenbosch offers everything you need for a truly remarkable stay with the entire family in tow.  

Here’s what you can look forward to at The Homestead: 


1. Complete exclusivity (guaranteed)

The Homestead Private Garden

At Hazendal, we pride ourselves on understanding our clientele, which is why we get that when you break away, you want to spend quality time with your family and friends in a space where you can kick back and be yourself. This is why the 5-bedroom Homestead is only available to be booked as a single unit for private use by one group at a time. In short, when you come to stay, you will have the whole place to yourself!


2. Picture-perfect event accommodation

The Homestead Bridal Lounge

If you are planning to host a wedding, birthday party, corporate event or just about any shindig at Hazendal, The Homestead is the ideal choice for on-site accommodation. There’s no need to travel to a secondary location, and if you need to take pictures of the ‘getting ready’ phase (i.e. for weddings) the space offers a picture-perfect backdrop. 


3. The opportunity to immerse yourself in living history

The Homestead Foyer Artwork

The Homestead at Hazendal is a historical building that dates back to the 1790s, making it a very special remnant of the vernacular Cape Dutch architecture that developed down here in South Africa during the opulent global Rococo period. Architecture buffs will tell you that this is a rather rare find.

As such, the Voloshin family was very careful about how they restored this heritage building. They called in the help and support of the best architects in the business and set to work to bring the old dame back to life in a way that showcases all her fascinating history. 

This required a bit of a facelift that stripped away certain modern finishes and fittings that had been added over the years, which were then replaced with period-correct alternatives (e.g. traditional lime over clay brickwork rather than plaster, candelabra instead of electric chandeliers, etc.).

Once all this was done, they set about filling The Homestead with unique furniture pieces, such as an original VOC chest and beautiful art by acclaimed Russian and South African artists like Vladimir Tretchikoff and Jacobus Hendrik Pierneef. Oh, and did we mention the largest privately-held historical map collections in South Africa?

In a nutshell - a stay at The Homestead is a great way to take a little walk down memory lane to experience remnants of a bygone era when Hazendal was still a pretty faraway outpost situated along the long and winding route from the Cape into the wilds of the hinterland beyond.

You can enquire about The Homestead here, or go straight ahead and make your booking 👉 here

Day Visits To The Homestead: Don’t have time for a full-scale luxury family getaway just yet? You can still tour the premises with prior booking. The Homestead is open from Tuesday to Friday 10:00 - 17:00, and Saturday to Sunday from 09:00 - 17:00 for day visitors to discover the period furniture, architecture and art on self-guided tours. 


4. A culinary experience like no other

Lavish BreakfastHazendal is a place to feast - that much is for sure. To start off your day at The Homestead, a private chef will be on hand to serve you a full breakfast, freshly prepared on-site. However, if you feel like more of a convivial vibe, you can also choose to sit down to a brekkie at the Babushka Deli.

Of course, we’ll also ensure that the pantry features a variety of tasty snacks and pâtisserie prepared by The Homestead chef. Your stay also includes a wine tasting experience at the epic Hazendal Wine Lounge. This can be arranged to take place at a time that suits your crew. Simply arrange it with your on-site Homestead concierge. 

TOP TIP: If there are some serious food and wine connoisseurs in your party, we highly recommend booking our Sensory Experience during your stay at The Homestead. It’s not included in the rate of the guesthouse, but this encounter will definitely make the perfect add-on to a delicious stay. 

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5. Kids love it!

Wonderdal Kids Edutainment Centre

If you have youngsters in the mix, you’ll know that parents only ever have a great time when they know that their kids are having a good time. This is yet another reason why The Homestead at Hazendal is the ultimate choice for a luxury family weekend away. Because see, a stay at The Homestead is inclusive of access to our on-site VR paradise, Wonderdal

Additionally, our newly minted golf course also has a kid-friendly putting course, Kleine Hazen Putting Park; and our on-site restaurants all offer fresh-yet-fun local fare that has been tried, tested and approved by the most discerning little gourmands around. 

Sound good? This is just the tip of the awesomeness iceberg when it comes to a stay at the Hazendal Homestead. Get in touch to find out more about our luxury family getaway destination in the Cape Winelands. 

You can enquire about The Homestead here, or go straight ahead and make your booking 👉 here

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