The A-Z of Golf Clubs for Beginners

The game of golf is both exhilirating and somewhat intimidating when you’re first starting out. There are new techniques and terminology to comprehend, as well as course rules and dress codes. Not to mention the equipment such as golf clubs, ball sha...

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Unique team building experiences at Hazendal

What do you get when you combine delicious food, exquisite scenery, and unique group experiences? The ultimate team building experience, of course.

What do you get when you combine delicious food, exquisite scenery, and unique group experiences? The ultimate team building experience, of course.

The right team building event can be a powerful motivator for your workforce. Often, businesses can become so focused on making their clients happy that they forget that their staff needs to feel valued too. 

But the phrase ‘team building’ can elicit groans rather than excitement – and understandably. Often, these events can lack creativity or originality. A day out of the office turns into a series of presentations, or activities that don’t inspire or excite your staff.

Fortunately, that is not something you need to worry about at Hazendal – but more on that later. First, let us delve into the benefits of team building, and then talk about some amazing ideas for fun, exciting and truly invigorating events. 


Why is team building important?

Why team building is important Cape Town

There are many reasons that team building is important for your employees, but the primary reasons are the three Cs: communication, collaboration and camaraderie:

  • Better communication: During the course of the busy work day, employees often don’t have time to engage with each other on an interpersonal level. Email tone can be misinterpreted, and purely electronic communication lacks that personal touch. 

Bringing everyone together to experience a non-work-based activity encourages the kind of conversation that helps people to understand each other better and work together more effectively. Getting to know each other on a more personal level brings a human face – and touch – to electronic communication, and helps to build stronger interpersonal bonds. 

  • Improved collaboration: The right team building exercises encourage collaboration by including that tasks need to be completed by pairs or groups. This teaches employees about each other’s personalities and ways of working, helping them to understand each other better on a personal and professional basis.
  • Camaraderie: A fantastic ‘side effect’ of better communication and collaboration is that it improves relationships between employees. People who engage well with each other tend to build stronger, friendlier bonds. These positive associations lend themselves to better teamwork and, overall, a happier and more efficient workforce. 

Top team building ideas that your staff will love

Banish boring boardroom presentations forever! If you want your team building experience to deliver lasting value, it needs to be something that your team will love. Here are some ideas for memorable, enjoyable activities designed to bring teams closer.

Russian tea experience

Top team building ideas Cape Town

Hazendal celebrates both the Russian roots of its owners and South African passion.  The Russian Tea Experience is an authentic, cultural experience, highlighting the principles of friendship and hospitality. During the tea ceremony, a specially sourced and imported black Russian tea blend is served from a steaming samovar and presented in traditional hand-painted porcelain tea sets from the illustrious Dulevo porcelain factory. The tea ceremony is accompanied by a platter of savoury and sweet treats. All the while, the friendly staff share the history, legend and lore of this special experience.  

Treat your employees to a tea ritual that is sensory and intriguing and breathes new life into age-old tea brewing traditions.

Wine tasting and cellar tour

Wine tasting team building

Guests will be guided by one of our experienced wine ambassadors through an immersive wine tour through the wine cellar- fear not, this experience is fun and informative whether you are a wine fundie, aficionado or just appreciative of this fruit of the wine. After the tour, guests settle into our subterranean wine library, complete with glass ceilings to enjoy an interactive food and wine pairing experience unlike any other. Your team will leave feeling indulged and inspired.

Enjoy a creative cocktail-making experience

Cocktail making team building

The Cocktail Experience at Hazendal emphasizes listening skills and working together as a team, and even non-drinkers can join the light-hearted fun and friendly competition. Be dazzled by our talented bartenders, who will show you how to create a delicious cocktail or mocktail, and then recreate it yourself in teams. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic options are available and teams can up the ante by including a time limit or awarding spot prizes for the best garnishes.

Wonderdal: discover your inner child

Kids Entertainment Cape Town

The very act of playing, whether it’s games, arts and crafts, or music and dance, can help you relax and unwind from the stresses of everyday life. Wonderdal, was created with a mission to help children learn through play in an immersive and imagination rich environment. 

As adults, we could all do with a little more giggles and easy-going fun. Enter the Wonderdal- for the young at heart team building activities! Tackling challenges together as a team in a creative and playful setting can help your team connect on a more relaxed level, all the while enjoying a lighter side of life. Which team can build the most impressive marble run, or or grow the best food in the virtual Wonderdal garden first. Whatever your team's fitness level, Wonderdal is sure to bring out the little adventurer inside them.

Corporate yoga

Yoga Team Building

We are all aware that we shouldn’t be sitting all day, in commutes, behind screens and in meetings. Employee wellness has frequently been proven to not only increase productivity but also make a significant positive contribution to employee satisfaction and retention rates. A happy healthy team, means a happy healthy company. 

Treat your employees to a fresh, holistic healthcare approach that will leave everyone feeling de-stressed and motivated. Corporate yoga is offered by a trained yoga teacher at Hazendal to relax and revive your team. Why not enjoy your yoga session, al fresco style  in one of our beautiful gardens. 


Dream team building experiences at Hazendal

As you can see, Hazendal offers a range of exciting exercises designed to bring people together through wonderful shared moments. Contact us to find out more about our team building packages, and treat your staff to a day they’ll truly appreciate.

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