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4 Reasons to pick a wedding venue in Stellenbosch

Stellenbosch, with its stately old oak trees and dappled light, is one of the Cape’s most beautiful towns. 

Stellenbosch, with its stately old oak trees and dappled light, is one of the Cape’s most beautiful towns. 

It’s known for its vineyards, which produce some of the country’s top wines, and for its cuisine, natural beauty, and world-famous university.

But that’s not all. Stellenbosch is also home to some of South Africa’s best wedding venues, nestled in the valleys and vineyards of this spectacular Cape Winelands region. 

Venues like Hazendal, where the rich heritage of the region blends with modern design and breath-taking views.

As you might already be able to tell, there are many great reasons to pick a wedding venue in Stellenbosch. Here are three of our favourite. We think that once you visit, you’ll agree.


1. A hop, skip and a jump from the city centre


Stellenbosch is far enough from the city to give you that wonderful countryside feeling, yet close enough to make for an easy and scenic commute. 

Just 40 minutes from the centre of Cape Town, it’s a relatively quick trip for your guests, or an easy cab ride to and from home.

This is also something to keep in mind when it comes to planning and setting up your wedding. As you get closer to your big day, you’ll likely need to visit your venue a few times to finalise the details. 

The relatively short drive means that you won’t have to set aside too much time for those last-minute pop-ins. 

There’s also a vibrant town centre for essentials or those final touches that may need your last-minute attention.

Despite Stellenbosch’s proximity to the city, the town is a peaceful paradise. With its elegant Georgian, Victorian and Cape Dutch architecture, it’s steeped in old-world charm. 

Imagine finding all of this virtually on your doorstep? Pretty enchanting, we think!


2. Craft and create your dream wedding

Stellenbosch Wedding

Dreaming of a fairy-tale wedding straight out of a storybook? Or is your taste more rustic and laid-back? Whatever type of celebration you have in mind, Stellenbosch won’t disappoint. 

From wine estates to glorious manor houses, magical forests and rustic barns, the region offers almost every kind of venue you can imagine. So, if you can dream it, you can (probably) find it here. Just have a look at these fabulous wedding venues to get your imagination soaring. They’re just a small taste of what you can expect to find in the area.

Stellenbosch has views for days. 

Famous for its vineyards, the area is lush and green, with dramatic mountain ranges stretching almost as far as the eye can see. 

Think country roads and cloudless blue skies; charming vineyards and pink sunsets. Want the perfect backdrop to your big day? You’ve got it. 

Tip: If you’re looking for a truly unique setting for your wedding photos, look no further than Hazendal. Here, your backdrop is the stunning juxtaposition of nature and modern architecture. Our iconic floating pavilion delivers the ultimate in wow-factor setting. You’ll be framed by Simonsberg and the Bottelary Hills in the distance. It’s as magnificent as it sounds. Have a look, here


3. Stellenbosch? Wine not!

Hazendal Wine Tasting Lounge

Stellenbosch is wine country, so if you enjoy a soulful red, fruity white or world-class bubbly, there is no better area for your celebration. The Winelands provides a perfect opportunity for your guests to enjoy some of South Africa’s most well-loved venues and their produce. 

Those coming from out of town can make a weekend of it, enjoying the delicious food and drinks the Winelands has to offer. 

Join wine tours, enjoy long, lazy lunches, or simply hop from farm to farm to sample what each venue has to offer. It’s the perfect way for your guests to make the most of your wedding weekend and discover the treats of the region. 

As for accommodation, guests are spoilt for choice in In Stellenbosch. 

The area offers plenty of options, from hotels to B&Bs and more. Invite your guests to linger longer and fully immerse themselves in wine country at their leisure. 

And of course, another benefit of hosting your wedding in the Winelands is that you are likely to get your wine at cellar door prices. 

Ask any connoisseur: you can’t go wrong with a Stellenbosch wine! 

Hazendal offers a range of premium quality, niche wines to add a touch of distinction to your celebration. Explore our wines here

Tip: For your guests’ convenience, include a range of accommodation suggestions and their contact details on your wedding invitations. 


4. Cultural and art attractions

wedding venue in Stellenbosch

Beyond the plethora of cultural museums and attractions, some of the wine farms have incredible art collections and motor museums. Even just strolling through the town in Stellenbosch, one is bound to find a variety of local art displays.

For those guests looking for more serious substance, Stellenbosch delivers art and culture in spades, such as the Rupert Museum, Franschhoek Motor Museum and Dylan Lewis Sculpture Garden. Guests can also enjoy Hazendal’s own art gallery and classic car museum.

The wedding venue in Stellenbosch that has it all

Ready to start planning the wedding of your dreams? Hazendal offers you the very best of the region, combined with personalised service and cuisine to delight every palate. Take a look at our wedding venues now, or book a tour and come see for yourself. 

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