The A-Z of Golf Clubs for Beginners

The game of golf is both exhilirating and somewhat intimidating when you’re first starting out. There are new techniques and terminology to comprehend, as well as course rules and dress codes. Not to mention the equipment such as golf clubs, ball sha...

by: By Hazendal on: June 23, 2021

This brand new par-3 golf course near Cape Town will blow you away!

Discovering a great new par-3 golf course near Cape Town is kind of like coming across a well-washed R200 note in a pair of pants you haven't worn in a long time - it's always fantastic, and most of the time, you cannot really believe your luck. It's...

Discovering a great new par-3 golf course near Cape Town is kind of like coming across a well-washed R200 note in a pair of pants you haven't worn in a long time - it's always fantastic, and most of the time, you cannot really believe your luck. It's the type of discovery that can turn your whole day around!

The great news is that you don’t have to rummage around in the back of your closet or dig around your washing basket to enjoy the day-enhancing, yay-inducing mental high of this type of serendipitous find because we are happy (nay, absolutely thrilled!) to announce that Hazendal Estate is now the proud owner of a beautifully designed, absolutely wonderful 18-hole par-3 golf course!

Here are five reasons to get very excited about the exciting new course on our Stellenbosch wine estate: 


The mashie course is tailored for time-conscious enjoyment

The Hazendal mashie course

Any seasoned golfer will tell you that it takes at least four to five hours to play a solid 18 holes. However, when you have a mashie course in the mix, you can enjoy a great game in around 2 hours. This makes the Hazendal course an excellent option for time-conscious players who want to get a game in regularly but can't necessarily get away for a full day to do so. 

The Hazendal mashie course is also of a calibre that is highly beneficial for really good golfers, who can use it to train their short game, a vital aspect of staying ahead of competitors when it comes to the competitive arena. 

What to Know Before You Go: 

It’s always best to make a prior booking to secure your slot on the course to avoid disappointment on the day. You can do so here. The Hazendal Golf Course opening times are as follows: 

Winter hours

Tuesday – Saturday

Tee times: 07:30 to 15:30 for 18 holes

16:00 to 17:30 for 3 holes


Tee times: 07:30 to 15:30 for 18 holes

15:30 to 16:30 for 3 holes

Please note that certain attire specifications apply. Golfers are requested to dress neatly and respectfully in collared or mandarin collared shirts; neat pants, shorts, skorts or untorn jeans; and golf shoes, trainers or other closed, flat-soled shoes. 


The tech-forward driving range that’s out of this world

The Burrow the driving range

At Hazendal, the goal is to offer golfers the opportunity to sharpen every aspect of their game in one convenient place. This is why the estate is also home to a truly innovative driving range. A first of its kind in SA, this roomy two-tier, all-weather facility features 32 bays (all equipped with the latest InRange AI technology) that face a 270-metre range. 

Here, players can use the technology at their disposal to log in at their bay,  play games, do skills tests, and attempt virtual golf courses. InRange benefits top players who use it to practice by means of skills tests and distance tracking, and also adds a whole new dimension to training.


There are world-class trainers on hand

Hazendal Golf Academy

Want to improve your own game or introduce your children to the art of golf? Step right up. The Hazendal Golf Academy offers a range of structured programmes to help junior and adult players perfect their game, correct their swing or, simply, learn to play and enjoy the game of golf. 

With a team of coaches who share 40+ years of experience, the estate is the ideal place to take advantage of top-of-the-line coaching studios, cutting-edge technology and the assistance of passionate professionals to master the game. 

This includes: 

  1. Individual instruction and evaluations for adults in our private, covered teaching studio featuring InRange tech, as well as on-course playing/management sessions. This includes access to teaching tech such as FlightScope, Capto & V1 Swing Analysis software.
  2. Ladies clinics upon request that can either serve as an introduction to the game, or a way for existing players to improve their understanding of the fundamentals and techniques of the game. 
  3. General clinics that can be tailored to suit the requirements and ability levels of any group (e.g. intro to golf, short game, full swing and course management). 
  4. Hazendal Junior Academy Bunnies sessions of 30 minutes each for ages 3 - 6 that introduces children to golf in a fun and exciting way at Kleine Hazen Putting Park. 
  5. Hazendal Junior Academy Youth sessions of 60 minutes each for ages 7 - 12 that are ideal to develop players who have been playing for a while or have had some prior training to better prepare them for the course environment. 
  6. Hazendal Junior Academy Advanced Youth sessions of 60 minutes each 2 to 3 times per week that focus on the training of students who have earned their stripes in the other junior programmes or have had previous professional training. 
  7. Schools programmes for primary and high school learners. 


Youngsters will love the Kleine Hazen Putting Park

Kleine Hazen Putting Park

At Hazendal, we like to give our guests the option of bringing their kids or young relatives along for a great day out, no matter what they plan to do at the estate. As such, we also included a kid-friendly element to our golf course. Cue: the Klein Hazen Putting Park

The 27-hole putt putt course is a great option for golfers, non-golfers and families alike, and all equipment is provided. This is ideal for indulging in the lighter side of the game in a custom-designed park suitable for all ages and skill levels.

Top Tip: Kleine Hazen Putting Park can also be booked for team building events, kids’ birthday parties and other outdoor occasions. See the party package info here

The scenery is just lovely

Hazendal par-3 golf course

Yes, yes, we know golfing is not really about the scenery at all, but you’ll understand what we mean when you get here. The course designers were very careful to be environmentally conscious and ecologically responsible while plotting out the course, which means that players will enjoy the shade of indigenous trees and the beauty of carefully conserved pockets of natural vegetation that really add to the fresh air and splendour of our par-3 golf course. 

There you have it - five excellent reasons to visit us ASAP to spend some time on our gorgeous new par-3 golf course. We are exceptionally proud of this new lifestyle addition to our Stellenbosch wine estate, and we cannot wait to welcome you for a round or two. It’s going to change the way you think about golf getaways near Cape Town forever!

Are you ready to explore the panoramic views of the Winelands? Click 👉 here to book your TEE time today. 

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