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How to plan a winter wedding

Wondering how to plan a winter wedding that will allow you to host a beautiful event despite the fact that the weather may not be 100% sunny?

Wondering how to plan a winter wedding that will allow you to host a beautiful event despite the fact that the weather may not be 100% sunny? We’ve got some good news - it’s pretty easy to do so when you’re following the guidelines of seasoned eventing experts with a wide range of winter weddings under their belt. 

In fact, we've just launched a limited offer on our winter weddings, for bridal couples just like you. Don't miss this once-off opportunity to get married at the venue of your dreams ❤️

Our Hazendal occasion mavens love a challenge and have pulled off some truly epic winter weddings over the last few years.

Here are a few of their top tips when it comes to planning a cold-weather nuptial celebration: 


Err on the side of caution


While we adore a silver lining when it comes to organising a winter wedding it helps to plan for the worst-case scenario weatherwise. Sure, Western Cape winters are known to produce splendidly sunny, blue-sky days, but there is no way to predict that for sure ahead of time. 

As such, it’s best to assume that the day of your wedding is going to be wet, wild and windy, and plan from that point of view. Then, if the weather gods all conspire to provide you with a crisp, clear-skied winter’s day on the date that you tie the knot, you can simply sit back and enjoy your good fortune. 

To this end, it’s recommended that you book a Western Cape wedding venue that has options to host your ceremony and reception under roof, in a space that is easy to close up to rainy weather and keep warm to ensure that guests are comfortable. Bonus points if it’s all on one property, so there is no need to travel from one destination to the next on wet roads. 

Take a look at our limited offer winter wedding package to help make the wedding of your dreams come true. 

Embrace all modes of warmth & comfort 

Wedding food and drinks

There is a reason most people tend to stick around the house during the colder months - it’s so much more enjoyable to stay bundled where it’s warm and cosy than heading out to face the elements. However, there are lovely ways to bring snugness and comfort to your winter wedding. As always, it starts with the food and drinks!

For instance, bridal couples who opt-in on our all-inclusive Hazendal winter offer can look forward to a four-course, winter-inspired menu and handcrafted cocktails that are all designed to warm your guests from within. 

Think Spicy Moscow Mules that combine vodka with fresh lemon juice, ginger, ginger ale, spicy jalapeños, and topped with a ginger cookie for a touch of sweetness and a little bit of bubbly; and a Vanilla Chai Tea White Russian that layers vodka, coffee liquor, cream, concentrated chai tea, sweetened with honey and vanilla garnished with a cinnamon stick and star anise. Talk about sweet, creamy winter indulgence!

Naturally, the food also follows suit. Start with canapes that capture the warmth of winter dishes with a modern culinary expression, such as savoury baked cheesecake with BBQ pepper relish, mini butter chicken kebabs, and mushroom arancini with garlic mayo. Then move on to a warming soup course, and up the ante with stick-to-your-ribs mains like sticky miso chicken roulade, parmesan-and-garlic crusted baked fish, or a coconut curry braised beef short rib. 

Then round it all off with a cosy dessert, like spiced apple tart or millionaire's baked custard with vanilla shortbread and salted mocha toffee. Add some award-winning Stellenbosch wines and freshly brewed coffee to the mix, and your guests will be as comfortable (and well-fed!) as it comes. 


Make moments for joyful movement

bridal couple dancing

One of the easiest ways to keep everyone toasty during your cold-weather celebration is to get them moving! This is why our winter wedding package includes an 8-hour DJ service to provide a welcoming auditory backdrop to your big day. 

Our event organisers recommend that you start up proceedings with elegant, thought-provoking music, and then bust out the everyone-on-the-dancefloor tunes once the official bits are done. 

TOP TIP: When you send out your wedding invitations, ask your guests to share one track that will always draw them to the dancefloor. This way you can draw up a list of crowd-pleasing classics to share with your DJ prior to the day. 


Be creative and adaptable when it comes to photographs

Bridal couple at the Grand Hall foyer

When you plan a wine farm wedding, it’s safe to assume you’re dreaming of a few beautiful pictures taken against gorgeous outdoor scenery. However, if you’re going to tie the knot in winter, our event planners recommend that you be ready to get creative and remain adaptable when it comes to photographs. 

Meet with your photographer ahead of time (our winter wedding package has the services of two very good ones as an optional add-on), to discuss the shots you want, and how to approach it on the day if the weather is just too crazy to allow for a lingering open-air session. 

The good news is that Hazendal has an amazing array of under-cover spaces that can be used for epic pictures, so your inclement weather options are endless when you host your wedding at our estate.  

Following these guidelines on how to plan a winter wedding from the Hazendal evening team will set you up for success straight out of the gate. Good luck with the planning, and mazel tov - may your union be blessed beyond measure! 

If you're looking for some more help in planning the perfect wedding, we created a nifty month-by-month wedding planning timeline to help you. Simply click the button below to get your very own copy. 

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