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3 Reasons why you should host your next winter conference at Hazendal Wine Estate in Stellenbosch

If your company is considering a winter conference in the Winelands, we're here to tell you that your decision-makers have got their fingers on the pulse

If your company is considering a winter conference in the Winelands, we're here to tell you that your decision-makers have got their fingers on the pulse of the eventing industry for sure. Good on you for being ahead of the curve!

COVID-19 has impacted the conferencing space quite a bit. There are various important factors to bear in mind at the moment, but fortunately, our eventing team is very well versed in the ins and outs of hosting conferences at our various venues at different lockdown levels. Plus, we offer specially discounted rates to beat the winter blues. 

Hazendal Wine Estate


Why should you consider hosting a winter conference?

Cape Town and the rest of the Western Cape are situated in a winter rainfall area, which means that the cold season also tends to be rather wet. As such, a winter conference might not be on everyone's radar. However, clever companies realise that this is actually a fantastic time of year to organise conferences. Here's why: 


Most venues are quiet

Glasshouse Far View_1_BT (1)

The South African wedding venue circuit is very busy in spring and summer. This is mainly due to the fact that most bridal couples want to add an outdoor element to their Big Day, whether it be an al fresco wedding ceremony or reception. 

As such, many wonderful wedding venues are quieter during wintertime. This makes it an ideal time for companies to make use of these gorgeous spaces for their conferences and corporate events. 

Take Hazendal, for instance. Our estate is renowned for offering a combination of effortless grace and inspiring heritage that is hard to find anywhere else. From the versatile blank canvas of our Glasshouse to the sleek architecture of the famous floating Pavilion, and the natural beauty of the distant Bottelary Hills, there is a plethora of incredible spaces on the farm. 

As such, we are normally quite booked up in the sunny season. However, this natural Winelands beauty and the magnificent setting in general is your company's to enjoy in the colder months when there are far fewer weddings taking place. 


Event planners recommend it

Hazendal Conference Venue

Areas like Stellenbosch, the Bottelary Hills, and the Cape Winelands, in particular, are bustling in the warmer seasons. Accommodation is booked up by holidaymakers and visitors, and prices are higher due to supply and demand.

This is why seasoned event planners recommend that businesses consider a mid-winter conference if they want to host it on a wine estate. This way they can enjoy exceptional rates and the full attention of the eventing staff. Take a look at our winter specials here

TOP TIP: When you book your winter conference with us you will receive special accommodation rates as well. Take a look at The Homestead, the sensitively renovated heritage building on our estate that has been here for more than 300 years, and is now offered to larger groups on an exclusive-stay basis. 


Conference-goers are available

In general, most people's social and professional calendars tend to be more open during winter. As soon as the weather gets warmer, there are all sorts of social occasions and work events that arise. As such, your attendee list is much more likely to be optimal in winter, when diaries aren't as chock and block. 


Here's why Hazendal makes for a superb conference venue

Hazendal catering

At Hazendal, our team is used to throwing a fabulous party. So while you may not exactly be on the lookout for picture perfect views, access to a wine cellar and stunning garden, or all the makings of a whimsical picnic when you book a winter conference, you can rest assured that your guests will nevertheless enjoy the results of the contemporary design acumen and organisation talents of our in-house team when you host your corporate event here. 

To take the guesswork out of hosting a corporate function in this striking setting, we've tailored easy-as-pie conference package deals. In short, we offer fantastic full- and half-day packages that are priced per person, which makes it ideal for conferences of all sizes. Read up on the nitty-gritty here

Best of all, our conference offering comes part and parcel with stunning food that goes far beyond a basic lunch. The contemporary style of our catering ensures that even the fussiest delegates will be happily fed and pleasantly surprised. In fact, you can even throw a few team-building experiences in the mix as well if you prefer. 

There you have it - a few important things to bear in mind when you host a winter conference at Hazendal. 

To find out more about our Winter Warmer Conference Special email to get in touch with our Hazendal occasion mavens. We are standing by to support you in finding the ideal convention centre on our farm, incorporating captivating musical creations on the day, and so much more. 

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