The history of winemaking at Hazendal Wine Estate

The history of winemaking at Hazendal is quite a winding tale. One that’s closely related to the history of winemaking in South Africa. And what a fascinating story it is! See, one of the main reasons why wine grapes are cultivated in South Africa is...

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Hazendal: The perfect birthday party venue for all milestone celebrations

At Hazendal, we understand that milestone name days call for celebration locations that take the cake.

At Hazendal, we understand that milestone name days call for celebration locations that take the cake. See, the perfect birthday party venue comes to the proverbial (and actual!) party with all the bells and whistles - including amusing puns. This is why we are so happy whenever someone chooses to host their festivities at our wine estate near Cape Town. 

In fact, we’ve hosted everything from 6th and 13th birthdays to 30th, 50th, 70th and even 90th shindigs! If you are a little short on inspiration for your next big fete, here are a few ideas to get those creative juices flowing...

Fun family golf day

Family golf day at Hazemdal

An active day out can be a great option for a birthday celebration - especially if your family likes to partake in games of skill! Hazendal offers a world-class, 3-par golf course that can be played from start to finish in less than 5 hours. This makes it a great choice for families or groups of friends. 

Alternatively, there is also The Burrow Driving Range, where seasoned and novice golfers alike can enjoy access to cutting-edge InRange technology to hone their skills or partake in fun tournaments. Or how about a putting party at Klein Hazen Putting Park for the youngsters? 

Wonderdal for the kids and lunch for the parents

Wonderdal Kids Edutainment Centre

It can be tricky to make kids’ birthday parties as fun for the parents as it is for the kids. After all, the partygoers’ caregivers are giving up an afternoon (possibly on a precious weekend!) to bring their offspring to the event, so it’s always nice if you can make it nice for them as well. 

This is why Wonderdal is so amazing. You pre-book your event, provide all the relevant details (including caregiver information) for all the kids who will be attending and then drop them off on the day - safe in the knowledge that the area is completely secure. 

Each child is provided with a security wristband and can only be collected by their designated parent or caregiver. So once they are safely within the confines of the Wonderdal interactive edutainment space, accompanied by trained WonderPals to supervise proceedings, parents have two full hours to sit back and relax. 

This is a great time to go for lunch at the on-site Babushka Deli, which is literally just around the corner from Wonderdal. So pre-book lunch for the parents and then reconvene at Wonderdal once the kids’ playtime is done. 

There is a lovely party space at Wonderdal where treats and eats can be served for the kiddos afterwards. The amazing team will host, cater and decorate, all you need to do is party, play and celebrate. 

Find out more about kids’ birthday parties at Wonderdal by clicking here

Fancy high tea with the girls

Russian Tea Ceremony

Every now and again, we all like to get a little fancy. This is when a Russian high tea ticks all of those must-have boxes. The Hazendal tea room celebrates tea drinking as a cultural phenomenon centered around a steaming samovar (a traditional Russian tea urn) and rounded off with some delicious sweet and savoury treats. 

TOP TIP: Pair the Russian Tea ceremony with a bottle of Hazendal Méthode Cap Classique or opt for the Full Kremlin experience complete with Russian blini and authentic black caviar to add an extra dash of wow

Swanky evening do with dancing

Big-ticket birthdays like 50th, 60th and 70th celebrations are a great opportunity to go all out and host a swanky do that invites guests to dress to the nines. The Grand Hall at Hazendal is the perfect spot to host a full-blown dinner with dancing, with a gorgeous space that can be decorated in any way your heart desires. 

Relaxing daytime picnic

Birthday Picnic

Another way to go is to dial everything way back, and invite your close family and friends over for a relaxing daytime picnic on the lawns at Hazendal. In summertime, there’s nothing lovelier than spreading out on a picnic blanket under the trees, tucking into some delicious snacks from the Deli and enjoying the day on the estate. 

The kids can run around and explore the garden, while adults relax and catch up. Best of all - you can order your baskets ahead of time and there is no clean-up involved. Our team takes care of it all! 

Star-spangled long-table dinner 

The Glasshouse at Hazendal

Want to keep things small, yet totally glam? How does a long-table dinner in the Glasshouse sound? The expanses of the glass structure and the beautiful surrounding gardens allow for year-round indoor-outdoor celebrations, ceremonies, pre-drinks and receptions.

A foodie adventure bar none

Sensory Experience

Foodies, assemble! If you and your crew like all the delicious things in life, the Sensory Experience is a great option for a birthday celebration. Enjoy an exclusive journey into the wines of Hazendal with a cellar tour and tutored wine-pairing experience in our elegant subterranean Wine Library featuring flavour-packed microplates that are tailored for interactive elegance. 

A weekend away with your faves

The Homestead at Hazendal

Why not make a weekend of it? The Homestead at Hazendal offers exclusive-use guesthouse accommodation in five bedrooms, across two floors - ideal for families or a group of friends seeking a luxurious and intimate escape to the Winelands. This includes dedicated 24-hour butler service, as well as complimentary access to Wonderdal, Marvol Gallery and the Wine Lounge. 


There you have it - 8 amazing birthday-party ideas that will up the ante on any milestone celebration! Feel free to reach out to the Hazendal event-planning team if you would like to know more about the perfect birthday party venue in the Cape Winelands.

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