Everything You Need to Know About Going Wine Tasting at Hazendal Wine Estate

As no visit to Hazendal would be complete without a wine tasting, we thought we’d compile a handy list of everything you need to know about wine tasting at the estate specifically to ensure your visit is perfect from start to finish. So get ready to ...

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5 Creative corporate event ideas that pack a punch - even when your team is working from home

Looking for some creative corporate event ideas that will blow your team's collective socks off in a memorable, yet responsible, socially-distanced fashion? Step right this way. 

Looking for some creative corporate event ideas that will blow your team's collective socks off in a memorable, yet responsible, socially-distanced fashion? Step right this way. 

We know you want your team-building initiatives to pack a punch even when your crew is working from home, so we've rounded up a few ideas that will fuel employee engagement in a big way, albeit from afar. 

Here are five ways to share the love remotely at a time when everyone could do with some TLC: 


1. Send a sumptuous care package

Hazendal corporate gifting

Lockdown regulations are changing all the time, and planning a lovely, lingering sit-down lunch or dinner with your valued team can seem a tad daunting when everything is bound to change at the drop of a hat. 

However, the fact remains that something indulgent and delicious is always a welcome respite from the rigours of everyday life. Cue the sumptuous care package! 

Instead of taking your team out for a meal, have a beautiful basket of curated deli treats delivered to their door. Local cheeses and preserves, charcuterie and pickles, fresh breads and bakes - the sky's the limit. Think artisanal loaves with salted farm butter, snoek pâté and handcrafted chorizo, dukkah-spiced roast chicken and Russian Olivier potato salad… all paired with a bottle or two of wonderful estate wine, or botanical fruit cordials and juices. A veritable trove of treats, if you will. 

Bonus points if you get a chef or foodie to host a group chat or create a video that shares some insight on the components of your care package. You could also deconstruct things a little and challenge your team to create a meal at home with some inspiring ingredients if you are keen on a competition component. 

TOP TIP: If you do want to take your crew out for a culinary experience, consider something a little exotic. A Russian tea ceremony, for instance. In smaller numbers, encounters like these can be enjoyed very safely, and still offer a very interesting experience that can go ahead even if limitations are placed on alcohol sales once more. 


2. Do a virtual wine tasting

Wine Library Tasting_3_BT

South African wineries consistently produce award-winning vintages that pay homage to the history of their respective farms, and the unique terroir of their regions. Treat your team to a virtual tasting by an expert wine ambassador of your choice, who can reveal all the intricacies of a given range of wines (which you can have dropped off before). 


3. Stretch it out with an instructor

creative corporate event ideas - stretching

If the pressure is on, a session with a yoga or Pilates instructor could really help your team to relax and unwind. It’s simple enough to set up a digital connection with a facilitator who can guide your team through a rejuvenating session, and you could even record it and provide ongoing access if anyone wants to go back and get their stretch on some more.

Another option is to book private accommodation and make a day or a weekend of it. Enjoy yoga out in the open air, dig into healthy meals, perhaps organise a massage therapist or two to work out the kinks. 


4. Get tickets to a live-streamed concert

Now is the time to support your local artists and musicians. The creative industry has taken serious knocks and one way to contribute to the survival of the all-important arts (while also having a ball of a time!) it’s cashing in on the slew of truly awesome live-streamed shows and concerts that are currently being offered in lieu of in-person events. 

From stand-up comedy and ballet, to chilled-out unplugged gigs and full-on, all-guns-blazing rock shows with plenty of head-banging and stage jumps, performers are going out of their way to reframe their creative offering in these trying times. Keep an eye out for likely live-streamed events and get your team some tickets. 

Then set up a ‘live watch’ by connecting on your preferred chat medium to discuss the show as you watch it. You can also have some refreshments dropped off to each person’s home before the show to get everyone in the mood to kick back and enjoy. 

TOP TIP: You can also commission an artist to do a show for your crew especially. This way you could have a hand in tailoring the content and add some personalisation to the mix. 


5. Go on a virtual museum tour

Creative corporate event ideas

Keen to up the ante on your collective cultural lexicon? Sign up for a virtual museum tour. Forward-thinking art galleries and museums have jumped on the digital bandwagon and are throwing open their doors online to usher in visitors from all around the globe who can now view their inspired collections from the comfort of their couches. 

This includes famous cultural destinations like the British Museum, Guggenheim, the Musée d’Orsay, Pergamon Museum, Rijksmuseum, Uffizi Gallery and so much more. Thanks to Google Street View you can also enjoy a virtual tour of Robben Island‘s prison complex guided by former political prisoner Vusumsi Mcongo. Or how about a digital visit to the Johannesburg Art Gallery

If you want to personalise the experience to your team in particular, you could consider reaching out to a gallery or museum with a knowledgeable curator who might create a bespoke tour for you. With the wonderful tech available these days, just about anything is possible. 

TOP TIP: If art and culture isn't really your crew's thing, there are also some cool virtual tours of national parks available that you can get into. 


In conclusion

See? There are plenty of ways to keep your band of merry rainmakers happily fed, watered and inspired even if you can’t get together in person to do so. 

Not sure how to roll out these creative corporate event ideas? Get in touch with the Hazendal team to find out how we can assist you in doing so. Let’s make some magic, shall we? 

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