Everything You Need to Know About Going Wine Tasting at Hazendal Wine Estate

As no visit to Hazendal would be complete without a wine tasting, we thought we’d compile a handy list of everything you need to know about wine tasting at the estate specifically to ensure your visit is perfect from start to finish. So get ready to ...

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5 Corporate Event Tips Every Executive Assistant Should Know

If you are reading up on corporate event tips, odds are you’re in the process of planning an important business occasion right now. Stressful, we know! So, let’s start with a few deep breaths - in through the nose, out through the mouth, slowly for f...

Hazendal Showroom venue

If you are reading up on corporate event tips, odds are you’re in the process of planning an important business occasion right now. Stressful, we know! So, let’s start with a few deep breaths - in through the nose, out through the mouth, slowly for five counts. Go on, it will make you feel better - we promise.

See? Much better.

At Hazendal, we understand that putting together a corporate event can be completely overwhelming at times. There are so many balls to juggle, opinions to take into account and expectations to manage. This is why it helps to take a step back before you jump in and view it from a holistic perspective.

So, without further ado, here are 5 corporate event tips we believe every executive assistant should know and implement:

1. Take inspiration from the greats

Whether you are hosting a seminar, conference, trade show, expo or team-building event, it helps to take a look at similar events that made a splash locally and internationally. The same goes for product launches, board meetings, executive retreats, holiday parties, company award shows, etc.

While you may not always be able to recreate a lavish event like the 2021 Met Gala, for instance, it can provide you with invaluable inspiration. Similarly, looking at local events like the Volvo and Audi car launch previously hosted at Hazendal can provide you with ideas of what might work well for your company.

Start broad. Create a mood board of ideas that speak to your corporate mission, vision and values using a platform like Pinterest. Then winnow down to zone in on the theme and approach that will best suit your event.

2. Build in a support system

The simplest way to set yourself up for success when it comes to a corporate event is to get all hands on deck. Or as many hands as you can muster, at least. Smaller events are more manageable when you are steering solo, of course, but even then it helps to have support throughout the process.

Well-organised executive assistants will tell you that working by committee isn’t always easy, which is why you should choose your support crew with care. When possible, choose to work with staff members who have volunteered their time to do so, instead of being tasked. This way, you’ll know that they really want to be involved.

Additionally, it helps to choose a venue that offers planning support. At Hazendal, we have a professional event-planning and event-execution team that assists all of our corporate clients to roll out a seamless event from start to finish.

3. Leverage planning tech

Spreadsheets, emails and WhatsApp groups are all good and well, but there are also other great planning platforms that can make your events easier to plan and manage. This includes globally-accessible, cloud-based SaaS tools and collaborative online event software options like Eventbrite, Whova, ConfTools, Boomset, etc.

Take some time to consider your options and invest in a planning tool that is user-friendly and suits your event style.

TOP TIP: The simpler it is to use, the more ROI it will yield.

4. Always leave room for error

Murphy’s Law is a thing. Even if you plan your event to a T, a few things are bound to go wonky on the lead-up to the Big Day. This is why it always helps to leave room for error in every aspect of your planning. This goes for pretty much everything from your budget to your seating charts, on-the-day arrival times and more.

Start by drawing up three budgets to present to the decision-makers within your company - the best-case, base and worst-case budget. This tiered system helps to predict actual spend and ensures that there aren't any unforeseen surprises waiting in the wings. Almost every event will eventually have an extra line item or two, so building in an ‘oops factor’ of around 10% is a good way to go.

Also, be ready for backups when it comes to pivotal vendors. For instance, what should happen if your MC falls sick just before the event? Or your AV technician has an emergency? Always know who you’ll call on next and ideally have them ready to step up to the plate ASAP.

5. Spend as much time wrapping up as you do setting up

Once your event is done, take the time to gather data. Get guest feedback, follow up on social mentions, and have a post-event huddle with your planning team and venue support personnel. This way, you can take any lessons you’ve learned from a given occasion and apply them to the next.

For instance, you may learn that your target demographic needs a longer lead time in terms of RSVPs or are largely vegetarian, for instance. These small insights can be put to good use in the future.

Taking heed of these corporate event tips will pave the way for a far more relaxed and composed lead-up to your event. Check back soon for more insider insights on planning memorable business occasions.

In the meantime, feel free to reach out to the event-planning team at Hazendal at events@hazendal.co.za or +27(0)21 903 5034 with any questions you may have about our corporate packages.

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